New promotion with NauticEd

What's the worst part about Chartering? Having to type-in your resume, AGAIN - every time you go!

Seabbatical has teamed-up with the world leader in online training, NauticEd, making it the best part of Chartering (well, better anyway).

You'll love this... NauticEd maintains a cloud-based repository, with full security and privacy, so the latest version of your resume is always at your fingertips where you update it and easily share it with whoever you want to - such as Seabbatical! Don't waste time on the keyboard for each charter - do "one and done" instead. But that's just the beginning, it gets better - you can also have it update your logbook automatically, including saving a track of your trip for future reference, for a trip photo album, or for sharing with friends - all at no charge! Make your resume and logbook to come alive. Cool, right?

Now if that's not enough incentive, NauticEd will give you 2 FREE sailing courses with your new account. Here's the catch... NauticEd is so sure you'll see value that you'll sign-up for more training. For our part, we don't think a captain can ever be too prepared, and frankly we don't make money repairing damage, so we hope you take the opportunity to brush-up on you skills in advance. These courses are packed with helpful techniques so even if you know-it-all you can still expect to pick up some new tricks.

Finally, complete the "Maneuvering Under Power Clilnc" (approx. $39), and there'll be a bottle of rum on board for your departure - compliments of Seabbatical. Grant at NauticEd says, "The only captains that complain about it costing $39 are the ones who decided not to take it." Fact is, it's all very expensive stuff and if Seabbatical has to repair your hull damage the only thing that might cost $39 is your phone bill. Please, take the course and enjoy the rum.